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Artist Statement

I create paintings that are inspired by the earth’s processes and energies.

The seemingly solid geological forms in a landscape give way to cracks, seams and flow lines that mingle, cross, and compress as they melt into fantastic patterns. These fractal structures endlessly shift in perspective ranging from the enormous to the microscopic. Forms at their smallest scale are mirrored in the larger spaces they inhabit. I continue to be inspired by this mysterious and beautiful occurrence.

While constantly arranging and rearranging shapes and colors within my compositions, I’ve found an uncanny correspondence between our planet’s ever-changing conditions and our own psychological and emotional perspectives.

I have always been obsessed with color, particularly the range of luminosity and richness it exhibits in nature. I marvel at the interplay of light and shadow in natural forms. Light and color permeate my artwork in whichever medium I happen to be working in, be it oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, ceramic glazes, or glass mosaic.

The immediacy of colored pencils helps me to discover the landscape’s underlying structures. I layer color on top of color until the drawing has the depth and richness of a painting. When I work with fluid media such as watercolors, I compare the sensuous movement of paint across paper to the earth’s hydrologic systems. It echoes the imprint of flowing water as it leaves its mark on solid land.

I see my work as a dialogue between the natural sciences and my own psyche. I find delight in observing both nature’s underlying organizing principles and its simultaneous bursts of chaos.

                                    Nature’s Chaos


                                percolate         agitate

                                filtrate             permeate

                                precipitate       saturate

                                concentrate      marinate

                                contemplate     educate                        

                                anticipate        appreciate

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